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Get INSTANT ACCESS right now to our ALL-IN-ONE WordPress Speed optimization online course! Our speed optimization course will drastically speed up your WordPress site after you implement our recommendations. Go from a slow WordPress website to a blazing fast one in less than 1 hour. It takes less than 5 minutes to enroll and is beginner friendly. We GUARANTEE your WordPress site will be much faster after taking this course. If you have ever wondered how to speed up WordPress, this course is for you. Click the button below to start!

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How Does It Work?

By enrolling in this online course today, you will have instant access to 13 modules that will lead you step-by-step on how to speed up your WordPress website. In the course, we provide video screen-cast tutorials of our process we used to speed up this exact WordPress site. You will see how we go from a slow base WordPress installation to a blazing fast website in a matter of a few simple steps. You will also see text explanations and custom code to use in your own website. All of the WordPress speed optimization techniques in this course are extremely easy to implement and are beginner friendly. Not only that, but we guide you every step of the way through our in depth video tutorials. Enroll today in less than 5 minutes and you can have your WordPress website loading faster than you ever thought possible. Speed up your WordPress site the easy way!

See Inside The Course With The Video Below:

Go From Speeds Like This:

To Speeds Like This:

Speed Matters

According to Google, site load speed is part of their search ranking algorithms. This means that if your site loads slowly then your site will rank poorly. Everyone knows that your site rankings matter for your bottom line and if your site is slow you are losing money. Not only does a slow site lose spots in search engine rankings, but it hurts conversions too. People spend an average of 8 seconds on a website and they hate to wait around for slow sites. Those are the facts. By speeding up your WordPress site you will notice higher rankings and more conversions, not to mention a better overall user experience. Enroll now!

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Faster Speeds

Faster site speed leads to higher rankings and a better user experience. Google will LOVE your site!

Higher Conversions

Faster site speed leads to higher conversion rates and less cart abandonment

More Money

Faster site speeds increase your bottom line and put more money into your pocket. Everybody loves more money!


In addition to speeding up your WordPress site, by enrolling in our course today you will also learn how to set up SSL for free for all domains and subdomains on your single hosting account, utilize private videos hosted on YouTube for your site for free, how to easily optimize all your images, how to choose the best hosting providers, how to create a custom site specific plugin, and more!

Set Expires Headers

Reduce server load and increase page load time

Remove Query Strings

Increase web page loading speed significantly

Leverage Browser Caching

Reduce page load times for repeat visitors

Video Optimization

Learn how to properly include video for the fastest load times

CDN Utilization

Free CDN utilization and set up to drastically improve load times

Fewer HTTP Requests

Learn how to create faster page loads by combining files and making less requests

Why Enroll?

To put it simply, we have built a complete solution to fix your slow WordPress site and get you ranking higher on search engines. Your WordPress speeds will increase DRAMATICALLY! Everything is all put together in an easy to understand format. We save you the time and effort of having to scour the internet for weeks for every piece of WordPress speed optimization information you need. It's all right here and ready to go! We've included video tutorials, custom code, secret speed tips, and much more that you won't find anywhere else! By enrolling in our WordPress speed optimization online course you will have everything you need at your fingertips. You will never have to pay for an expensive WordPress speed optimization service again. Also, our Wordpress speed optimization service is super budget friendly! It's a no-brainer. Simply click the button below to start.

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Easy To Follow

This online course is made with beginners in mind. Every WordPress speed boosting tip and trick is as easy as copy and paste. Each step is described in plain language and will easily guide you while you speed up your own WordPress site from start to finish. Even more "complicated" subjects like setting up your CDN are made to be extremely easy to understand. All of the recommendations and guidance we provide inside this course can be completed easily within one hour or less...EVEN IF YOU ARE A COMPLETE BEGINNER! Simply follow along with the video tutorials

It's Not For...

This online course only works if your website is self-hosted on WordPress. If you do not have a self-hosted WordPress site, this course will not work its magic for you. It has been tailor made for self-hosted WordPress sites and the code and tutorials are WordPress specific. Sorry.

Score Higher

Achieve website speed scores like these and more!

Page Speed
Image Optimization
Minify Javascript, CSS, and HTML
Avoid Bad Requests
Avoid Redirects

Our Guarantee

After using our course and implementing the recommendations we prescribe, your site will become faster and have higher PagesSpeed and YSlow scores. In short, we GUARANTEE your site will speed up after using our course or your money back. Simply click the button below to get started!

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